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How to Measure Your Deck for a Railing System

Deck Railings | June 28, 2023
how to measure your deck for a railing system

Whether you prefer the minimalist design of cable railings, the elegant transparency of glass railings, or the traditional appeal of picket railings, Vista Railings has something that suits your style and needs; however, before you can embark on enhancing your deck with our top-tier, easy-to-install custom aluminum railings, accurate measurements are critical. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to measure your deck for a railing system.

1. Measure the Perimeter

Start by measuring the entire perimeter of your deck. Measure the length of each edge from end to end. If your deck has unusual shapes or multiple levels, consider using a flexible measuring tape to get more accurate measurements. Write each measurement down as you go, labeling them clearly so you know which number corresponds to which part of the deck.

2. Determine the Location of Your Posts

Your railing system will need posts for support and stability. Generally, posts are placed at corners, where the deck changes direction, and at intervals along straight sections. Typically, these posts are spaced between 4 to 8 feet apart depending on the type of railing system and local building codes.

4. Measure for Post Placements

Once you have marked where your posts will go, measure the distance between these spots. This measurement will be crucial for determining the length of the railings and the number of panels or pickets you need.

5. Measure Stairs

If your deck includes a staircase, you will need to measure it for a railing as well. Measure the length of the staircase along the slope rather than vertically or horizontally. Also, count the number of steps—this will be important in determining the number of stair railing panels you need.

Here are some things to consider when buying a railing system.

Tips for Measuring Railing Systems

Pay Attention to Additional Features

Keep in mind other factors that could influence the type and amount of railing you need. For example, if your deck has built-in planters, hot tubs, benches, or other features, you will need to take these into account in your measurements.

Double-Check Measurements

While aluminum railings are already a cost-saving railing solution, always double-check your measurements for accuracy. Incorrect measurements could lead to purchasing too much or too little material, which can result in unexpected costs or delays.

Plan for Overages

It is better to have a little extra material than not enough. Planning for overages can help you avoid delays in your project and save money.

Vista Railings experts can help you get the railing system you want and completely transform your deck with custom aluminum solutions. Get in touch with us today by calling or texting 1-800-667-8247 to get started on your railing project.