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What to Consider When Buying a Railing System

Deck Railing Styles | December 3, 2021

From peacefully enjoying your surrounding view to hosting an outdoor dinner for guests, your deck or patio can be a great place to relax and spend time with loved ones. Before anyone can safely spend time on your deck, you will need to choose and install a railing system. Whether you are looking for a framed glass system, cable railing system, or aluminum railing system, there are several elements to consider before making a final decision. As leading providers of high-quality railing system products, the team at Vista Railing Systems understands how difficult it can be to determine the best option for your needs. That is why we have provided some information on what to consider when buying a railing system to help you determine the best fit for your wants and needs.

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4 Things to Consider When Choosing a Railing System

To ensure that you are choosing the best railing system for your home, it is important to consider the following elements:

The Materials

Railing systems are available in a variety of materials including glass, wood, and various types of metal. Each material features different characteristics, price points, benefits, and potential drawbacks. Understanding these differences is crucial for determining which option is best for your wants, needs, and budget.

Height & Visibility

Do you have a beautiful view from your deck? If so, you will likely need to consider the height of potential railing systems and the amount of visibility they provide. If you are looking to preserve your view, cable and glass panel railing systems are typically a suitable option, especially when compared to wooden pole or aluminum picket systems.

Maintenance Requirements

Some railing systems will require more maintenance than others depending on their size and the materials they are constructed from. For example, glass panels will require more cleaning and care than aluminum picket railing systems. Be sure to consider how much time you are willing to spend each week, month, and year on cleaning and maintenance as this will help you narrow down your list of options.

The Style of Your Home

While some railing systems suit the style and look of most homes, others are more suitable for sharp lines and modern designs. It is important to consider the style/aesthetic of your home when choosing a railing system. The right system can complete the appearance of your deck and tie it together with your siding, but the wrong system can stick out and look out of place. If you are unsure which system is best for your needs, an aluminum picket railing system may be a safe option as they suit most homes.

To learn more about our selection of railing system products or for assistance determining which option is the best choice for your home, get in touch with the experts at Vista Railing Systems. We can be reached by call or text at 1-800-667-8247 and will work with you to determine the perfect solution for your needs.