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VISTA decorative cable infill is a modern infill option for use with your wood posts. The cable infill pack includes both the hardware and the stainless-steel cable wire. No special tools are needed. Fittings are designed to “hide” inside your wood posts. We use 1/8″ marine grade (type 316) stainless steel cable wire. This stylish and simple “infill” option is equally at home for your interior stair railing or your exterior deck railing.

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Design: Its so versatile, you can use our system on the inside and outside your home.

Packs Options: 5 different lengths of cable to choose from. No job is too big!

Easy: No special crimping tools required. Fittings designed to “hide” inside post.

Cable: We only use 1/8″ Marine Grade (type 316) 19 strand stainless steel.  Stylish and Simple!

NOTE: You can use the same cable and hardware to complete both your railing and stair projects.It is recommended to use the stainless steel protector tube inserts in the holes of the stair application. 

Railing Comparison


Vista™ Cable Infill

Quick and easy!Easy to install with a open view from wherever you are on your deck or patio.

Other Cable Infill Packages

Slow and Complex:Most suppliers of cable infill have not spent the time designing a complete system to speed installation and reduce the number of components resulting in a complex and timely project.


Vista™ Cable Infill

Low Maintenance!Premium quality marine grade stainless steel hardware and cable makes this virtually maintenance free.

Wood, Steel or Composite Railing Systems

High Maintenance.Wood, steel, or composite railing all need a varying degree of ongoing maintenance. Wood must be painted or stained and maintained annually. Steel must be re-painted about every 5 years to help prevent rust and corrosion. Composite has an entire industry of cleaners, stainers, and renewers to help maintain the appearance.

Air Circulation

Vista™ Cable Infill

Great air circulation!Cable rail offers both high visibility and great air circulation through the railing. It allows air to flow to help keep you cool on those hot summer days.

Glass Infill

No air circulation.While glass panel railing provides outstanding visibility it also greatly reduces air circulation…Vista™ Cable Infill combines both of these key features in a premium quality product.