Our Story

Vista Railing Systems Inc. began in 1974 as a wood remanufacturing and woodturning plant where the company built its reputation as the highest-quality woodturning and remanufacturing plant in the industry. As the market taste changed and evolved throughout the years, so did the product line and the manufacturing capability. The new additions of the deck kits – which combined wood with powder-coated balusters – kept us at the top of our industry.

As the company continued to grow, Vista Railing Systems Inc. acquired and integrated aluminum and glass manufacturing. This merger helped move the entire operation to a supersite. In the present day, the company has added a commercial division to focus on the unique needs of the commercial multi-family market.

We are now servicing markets across Canada and the United States on all product lines. Our railings create amazing spaces that inspire people to connect through design-focused thinking that embraces simplicity. We produce stylish railings to be enjoyed for every home.

We design, engineer, test, and manufacture high-quality railings for both residential and commercial markets in aluminum, glass, cable, and mixed materials. Our roots run deep. With over four decades as an industry leader, Vista Railing Systems Inc. is more than just our products – we are the sum of our people.