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Pros and Cons of Different Deck Railing Styles

Deck Railing Styles | December 6, 2023
pros and cons of different deck railing styles

When it comes to deck design, the railing plays a crucial role in both safety and aesthetics. Choosing the right railing style for your deck involves considering various factors, including the overall design of your home, maintenance requirements, and budget. As a leading provider of quality deck railing products, Vista Railing Systems is committed to helping customers make informed decisions about their railing styles. That is why we have compiled some pros and cons of different deck railing styles.

Learn about some of the most popular deck railing styles.

Deck Railing Style Pros and Cons

1. Aluminum Railings

Aluminum railings offer durability, low maintenance, and versatile design options for outdoor spaces. Their easy installation makes them the perfect choice for homeowners who love doing DIY projects. While the balusters can slightly limit views, the material’s temperature conductivity should be considered in regions with intense sun exposure and their inability to rust makes them a great option for areas that experience a lot of rain and snow. Overall, aluminum railings provide a practical and aesthetically pleasing solution for those seeking a resilient and adaptable home railing option.

2. Metal Railings

Metal railings, often crafted from steel, offer a modern and durable option. Their strength and durability make them resistant to the elements, with minimal maintenance requirements compared to wood. Despite their initial higher cost, the long-term durability of metal railings may offset the upfront investment; however, metal railings can become temperature-sensitive, potentially hot in sunlight or cold during winter. Metal railings are also highly susceptible to rust, which means that they require significantly more upkeep when compared to aluminum railings.

3. Glass Railings

Glass railings have gained popularity for their ability to provide unobstructed views, making them an excellent choice for decks in scenic locations. The contemporary aesthetics of glass railings add a touch of sophistication to outdoor spaces. With minimal maintenance requirements and resistance to weather-related issues, glass railings offer both functionality and style; however, they require regular cleaning to maintain transparency, and their cost tends to be higher compared to traditional aluminum railing systems.

4. Cable Railings

Cable railings stand out for their sleek and minimalistic design, providing unobstructed views and creating an airy feel, making them ideal for decks with scenic landscapes. Their contemporary and minimalist appeal, low-maintenance features, and resistance to rust and weathering contribute to their popularity; however, their installation can be complex, requiring precision and often professional assistance, leading to potentially higher costs. Homeowners should also consider adherence to local building codes, which may impact cable spacing for safety and influence design choices.

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