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How to Keep Your Deck Comfortable During Winter

Deck Railings | January 27, 2023
Winterizing Your Deck

Decks, patios, and other outdoor spaces are widely utilized throughout spring and summer due to warmer temperatures and more comfortable weather conditions. Unfortunately, these same spaces tend to go unused during colder weather conditions. If you have recently purchased a new aluminum railing system for your deck and other items for outdoor relaxation or entertaining, you likely want to maximize the amount of time you can use your deck throughout the year. That is why the experts at Vista Railing Systems have compiled some information to outline how to keep your deck comfortable during winter and cold weather conditions.

Learn how to maximize the life of your deck railing system.

3 Methods to Increase Deck Comfort During Winter

If you want to keep your deck comfortable and safe during the cold autumn and winter months, consider the following tips:

1. Create Warmth

Adding a source of heat—such as a fire pit or outdoor heater—to your deck can significantly increase comfort when temperatures start to drop. This source of warmth can also serve as a gathering place for entertaining guests or relaxing with family, making it a great addition to your outdoor space. In addition to heat, it is worth looking into umbrellas and other forms of cover for your space to keep rain, snow, and hail away from seating areas and your heat source. By using a combination of heat sources, cover, and the right railing system, you can create a contained space that is largely unaffected by seasonal weather changes.

2. Choose the Right Railing System

The railing system you choose for your deck can make a world of difference in terms of comfort and visibility. For example, a glass wind wall or frameless glass railing system can block strong winds without obstructing your view. This can help to keep warm air contained within your deck while minimizing the amount of cold wind that gets in.

3. Use Light Fixtures to Increase Visibility

Days are far shorter in winter, reducing the amount of natural daylight you have to work with. Visibility is crucial for comfort and safety, so you may need to invest in outdoor light fixtures to keep your space illuminated. String lights, tower lights, outdoor lamps, and ambient lighting systems are all great choices for modern outdoor spaces as they can enhance visibility without being overly bright or uncomfortable.

To learn more about how to optimize your deck for year-round use or to learn about our deck railing products, get in touch with the team at Vista Railing Systems. We can be reached by call or text at 1-800-667-8247 and will work with you to determine the perfect solution for your needs.