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Does My Deck Need a Railing System?

Deck Railings, Deck Safety | May 26, 2022

If you have recently constructed a deck, you are likely wondering “does my deck need a railing system?”. While railing systems may be optional in some jurisdictions, they are strongly recommended for all decks regardless of their size or height. Always check your local building code for requirements.  As a leading provider of high-quality railing products, the team at Vista Railing Systems knows how hazardous a deck can be without one of these systems in place. That is why we have compiled a list of 3 reasons why your deck needs a railing system to demonstrate why they are worth the investment.

Learn about some common deck safety hazards and how a quality railing system can mitigate them.

3 Reasons Why Your Deck Needs a Railing System

Every deck will benefit from a high-quality railing system. When you choose to install an aluminum, cable, or glass railing system, you are choosing a solution that:

1. Drastically Increases Safety

Without a railing system in place, your deck poses a massive safety hazard to everyone that uses it. A railing system provides a much-needed barrier between users and the edge of the deck, minimizing the risk of falls. This is especially important for decks that will be used by young children. Railing systems can also be installed on stairs to give users something to hold on to, reducing the risk of slips, trips, and falls. Stair railings are especially important for wooden decks that are constantly exposed to heavy rain or snowfall, as these surfaces can become extremely slippery when wet.

2. Enhances Curb Appeal

A deck without a railing system is like a yard without a fence. It lacks structure and definition, making the entire space look incomplete. A quality railing system will add sharp lines to your deck, framing it and increasing its aesthetic appeal. This appeal can be further enhanced by choosing a railing system that suits your siding and other design elements of your home.

3. Helps You Meet Relevant Codes and Laws

While railing systems may be optional in some jurisdictions, most locations require decks of a certain height to have a sufficient railing system installed. Failure to comply with these codes or laws can result in hefty fines that make the purchase and installation of these systems well worth the cost.

To learn more about deck safety or to inquire about our selection of railing products, get in touch with the team at Vista Railing Systems. We can be reached through our online contact form and will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding our products or your deck requirements.