Deck Railing Kit

Traditional Deck Railing Kit

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Our Traditional style Deck Railing Kit features round straight powder-coated balusters. Our factory precision pre-drilled rails speed and simplify the assembly process. Whether it’s packaged as a boxed kit or a builder pack, you are receiving the same system engineered to National Building Code.

This product is only available in the USA.
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Traditional balusters: Premium powder-coated round straight balusters. Our balusters are cut to length, then powder-coated to ensure the ends are fully coated and sealed.

Rails: Beautifully profiled and precision drilled to ensure perfect alignment and to meet National Building Code spacing.

Rail Hangers: Engineered for simple assembly and to meet National Building Code for guardrails. Our saddle design fits perfectly over the ends of our profiled rails.

Decorative Post Caps: The perfect accent to your deck railing! Available in a variety of designs.

NOTE: Optional stair adapters change the baluster to rail connection to a 35-degree exterior stair angle. Simple!  THIS PRODUCT IS ONLY AVAILABLE IN THE USA.

Railing Comparison


Vista™ Traditional

Quick and easy!Factory precision pre-drilled rails speed and simplify assembly. Has a professional engineer stamp to show it meets or exceeds National Building Code for guardrails.

bulk balusters & 2×4’s

Slow and complexMeasuring, drilling or fastening then trying to align balusters is slow and complex.


Vista™ Traditional

Cost-effective!Assembles in half the time of alternative component systems saving you time, money and frustration.

bulk balusters & 2×4’s

CostlyTypically requires twice the time to assemble which increases costs and not backed by testing showing that it meets or exceeds National Building Code for guardrails.


Vista™ Traditional

Low maintenance!Powder-coated balusters never need painting or staining and they never rot, twist or split.

Wood balusters

High MaintenanceRequire regular painting or staining to prevent rot, twist or split. Endless time spent bending down trying to paint all sides of the wood balusters.