What People Are Saying About Our Railings

I have been doing landscaping for 27 years and love using new and innovative products. However, in the deck railing industry there was never anything that I could find that was cost effective, easy to install and awesome looking, just the same standard boring crap!

Then, about 5 years ago I came across Vista Railings products, it was like winning the lottery!! We finally found deck railings that met all of our clients design needs from wood/metal to glass frame. Even better was the fact that their products are easy to install, a huge time savings, cost effective and the customer service all the way from their sales rep to their warehouse team is second to none.

Since finding Vista Railings, their products are the ONLY deck Railings I use and now have all of my contractor buddy’s hooked on them too!  As a contractor or even a home owner, if you are not using Vista Railings you are wasting your money, your time and most importantly, making the deck you just spent all that money on look like garbage; after all, you wouldn’t stick plastic hubcaps on a Ferrari would you?

S. Duff, Aura Landscaping

Traditional style deck railing system

“The Picket Railing by Vista is a well-designed product with a durable beautiful powder coat finish. The post being pre-assembled, the pickets and snap spacers components make it an easy railing to install.

Vista is the fastest and easiest system I have worked on installing.”

M Perry, Fargo Glass & Paint


Hello we have added stairs from our deck and are wondering where to purchase the stair connectors for your rail kit.   Slegg lumber has the rail kit system in Victoria. but no stair connectors.  I was very impressed with your product.  Thank you.

Jim, Sooke BC

…let me just say “thank you” and that I appreciate a company that takes good care of customers. People have already commented about my railings and I’m sure once we can have people over again that they will too!

Alan, Hudson, MA

Well, thank you so very much. Considering I am an end-user and you took the time to help me out answering all my questions. This I appreciate.  Awesome customer service…thank you

Marty, Edmonton, AB