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The following shop drawings are provided as a general guideline only and are not project specific engineered stamped drawings. Each individual project needs to be reviewed by a professional engineer for site-specific requirements. Job specific shop drawings may be required to be produced and stamped by a professional engineer. These drawings may also prove useful to architects and building designers when choosing a railing system or designing the structure that the railing will be attached to.

How to Use

Glass railing installed within Canada may choose the 5-mm option, however, ALL glass rail installed within the United States MUST choose the 1/4″ option. The number of posts distributed along any single run of guardrail must meet the requirements of the products design manual. It is not possible for us to show details for all possible applications and situations. What we have tried to do is show typical applications of our product in common situations. As building practices change and new applications become common we will amend or add details as needed.

Important Note: The information contained in all of BW Vista Railing Systems drawings are the sole property of Vista Railing Systems. Any reproduction in part or as a whole without the written permission of Vista Railing Systems is prohibited.

Warranty Information

Quality is engineered into our products every step of the way. We start with the latest technology in aluminium alloy to produce our extrusions. This fanaticism for quality follows throughout our manufacturing process, culminating with our powder-coating process, which we test daily to one of the toughest architectural standards in the industry, the AAMA 2604. With this level of quality built into every step, it’s no wonder Vista Railing Systems are backed by one of the industry’s top warranties. For further information on your project, contact Vista Railing Systems.

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