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Glass Wind Wall

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Our glass wind wall is perfect to help block the wind in high exposure areas.

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Blocks wind, and maximizes your view. Perfect around pools or hot tubs!

Rails: Premium powder-coating and contemporary styling. Each Rail pack includes top and bottom rails, picket gasketing, and support leg.

Posts: Fully pre-assembled and sleeved posts with the top rail connector sleeve welded on. Bottom rail bracket comes pre-attached.

Glass: Custom tempered glass panels per project.

Railing Comparison


Vista™ Glass Wind Wall

Quick and easy!Pre-assemble sleeved posts simplify and speed assemble.


Slow and complex


Vista™ Glass Wind Wall

Low maintenance!Premium powder-coating applied through a rigorous pre-treatment and powder-coating process assures a virtually maintenance free product. No painting, no staining, no rust, no rot.

Wood, steel or composite railing

High maintenanceWood, steel, or composite railing all need a varying degree of ongoing maintenance. Wood must be painted or stained and maintained annually. Steel must be re-painted about every 5 years to help prevent rust and corrosion. Composite has an entire industry of cleaners, stainers, and renewers to help maintain the appearance.

NOTE: Remember to include post base plate covers when ordering.