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Our framed glass railing has a stylish design and is amazingly simple to assemble!

Product Details
Product Details
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Fully pre-assembled sleeved post speed and simplify assembly. Assembly fasteners included. Standard tempered glass panels.

Proprietary online software for stocking dealers’ speeds quotation, optimizes components and provides a section-by-section trimming and assembly guide.

Glass Panels: ¼” (6mm) Clear Tempered Glass Panels available in 2” increments from 24” to 66”.

NOTE: Additional accessories and connectors are available as part of the full Vista engineered aluminum guardrail systems.

Railing Comparison


Vista™ Framed Glass Railing

Quick and easy!Fully pre-assembled and sleeved posts means quick and simple assembly and assures a professional fit and finish on your guardrail system. Tempered Glass Panels are fitted into place by sliding up into the top rail glass gasketing, aligning with the bottom rail, then pulling down into the bottom rail gasketing.

Other Aluminum Railing

Slow and complexMany aluminum railing manufacturers or suppliers require assembly of their post components and separate purchase of their assembly fasteners and other components – this makes for a complicated and confusing system!


Vista™ Framed Glass Railing

Cost-effective!Onsight labour is the most expensive components in the installation of your aluminum picket railing. We have focused our 40 years of experience and expertise studying the work of installers to speed up and significantly simplify the assembly of Vista™ Aluminum Railings. In addition, through packaging and pre-assembly, we have significantly reduced the number of components in our railing system. Fewer components lowers the cost for dealers to stock and ensures more products in stock and a faster delivery for you.

Other Aluminum Railing

CostlyMost other aluminum railing offerings are a complex and confusing mixture of many components that require you to figure out what you need, how it all goes together and the significant extra time and effort required to assemble.


Vista™ Framed Glass Railing

Low maintenance!Premium powder-coating applied through a rigorous pre-treatment and powder-coating process assures a virtually maintenance free product. No painting, no staining, no rust, no rot!

Wood, steel or composite railing

High maintenanceWood, steel, or composite railing all need a varying degree of ongoing maintenance. Wood must be painted or stained and maintained annually. Steel must be re-painted about every 5 years to help prevent rust and corrosion. Composite has an entire industry of cleaners, stainers, and renewers to help maintain the appearance.

NOTE: Remember to include post base plate covers when ordering.