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Our cable railing is an innovative and stylish design and is amazingly simple to assemble. This product is considered ultra low-maintenance to help you spend more time enjoying!

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Fully pre-assembled posts that are pre-drilled and pre-threaded to speed and simplify assembly -simply twist cable hardware into place. Single Corner posts simplify installation and maximize view!

Rails: Premium powder-coating and contemporary styling. Each Rail pack includes top and bottom rails, picket gasketing, and support leg.

Posts: Fully pre-assembled and sleeved posts that are pre-drilled and pre-threaded to speed and simplify assembly – simply twist cable hardware into place. Top rail connector sleeve comes welded on. Bottom rail bracket pre-attached and rail to post fasteners included.

Stainless Steel Hardware & Cable: Premium stainless-steel hardware designed for swag-less cable wire. Hardware simply twists into the pre-threaded holes in Vista™ Cable Rail Posts with Marine Grade Type 316 stainless steel cable.

Stock is available in Textured Black

textured black

All other colours/colors are considered special order.


Disclaimer: Appearance may vary depending on application variables such as film thickness, substrate type, and cure conditions. Other elements such as age, field exposure, and lighting conditions may affect colour, gloss and how these are perceived and interpreted. Therefore, we cannot guarantee an exact match between these chips and the coating applied at our facility. Contact your authorized dealer for proper colour samples. Please note: standard colour hardware will be supplied and touch up paint available for purchase if required.


Railing Comparison


Vista™ Cable Railing

Quick and easy!Pre-drilled and pre-threaded posts made assemble simple, simply screw hardware into pre-threaded holes. Swag-less hardware means no need to crimp special ends onto the cable – simply trim and insert into hardware. Pre-assemble posts speed up the assembly process!

Other Cable Railing

Slow and complexMost suppliers of cable railing have not spent the time designing a complete system to speed installation and reduce the number of components resulting in a complex and timing consuming project.


Vista™ Cable Railing

Low maintenance!Premium powder-coating applied through a rigorous pre-treatment and powder-coating process assures a virtually maintenance free product. No painting, no staining, no rust, no rot. Premium quality marine grade stainless steel hardware and cable make this a virtually maintenance free system.

Wood, steel or composite railing

High maintenanceWood, steel, or composite railing all need a varying degree of ongoing maintenance. Wood must be painted or stained and maintained annually. Steel must be re-painted about every 5 years to help prevent rust and corrosion. Composite has an entire industry of cleaners, stainers, and renewers to help maintain the appearance.

Air Circulation

Vista Cable Railing

Great air circulation!Cable rail offers both high visibility and great air circulation through the railing.

Glass Panel Railing

No air circulationWhile glass panel railing provides outstanding visibility it also greatly reduces air circulation…Vista™ Cable Railing combines both of these key features in a premium quality product.

NOTE: Remember to include post base plate covers when ordering.