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Reasons to Choose Glass Deck Railings

Glass Railings | March 4, 2021

Whether you are thinking about installing framed glass or frameless glass railings on your deck, glass railings offer a range of different features that make them a great option for decks of all shapes and sizes. At Vista Railing Systems, we want to help you make an informed decision about whether or not glass deck railings are the right solution for you. That is why we have put together a list of some of the reasons to choose glass deck railings.

1. Improved Safety & Durability

Since glass railing systems use tempered glass, they are specifically designed to remain durable and strong throughout their entire lifetime. In the event that the tempered glass panels in your railing system break, they will break into many small pieces that do not have any sharp or jagged edges that could potentially injury someone.

2. Low Maintenance

Similar to other types of aluminum railing systems, glass railings are extremely easy to maintain, as they only need to be cleaned with soap and water every now and then. The glass in the railing system can also be easily cleaned using the same glass cleaner you would use on the windows and other glass surfaces throughout your home.

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3. Unobstructed Views

Since glass railings—especially frameless glass railings—require minimal hardware, they can provide you with unobstructed views from your deck, making it easier to enjoy your outdoor living space all year long.

4. Protection from the Wind

Glass railing systems are made from a series of solid glass panels that can help provide added protection from the wind by blocking it from entering your deck or patio space. This means that glass railings are a great option for areas with cooler climates, as well as for making your outdoor space more enjoyable in the cooler months.

5. Versatile Design

One of the best things about glass railings is that their design allows them to easily blend in with any style of architecture and colour scheme. Framed glass railings are available in a selection of different colours, making it easy to find the perfect fit for your deck space, while frameless glass railings can be used to help transform your space by giving it a more modern look and appeal.

If you would like to learn more reasons to choose glass deck railings, or if you are interested in our framed or frameless glass railing systems, please contact Vista Railing Systems at 1-800-667-8247. Our team of railing experts would love to help you select the right glass railing system for your unique outdoor space.