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How Thick Should Glass Railings Be?

Glass Railings | April 29, 2021

Glass railing systems offer unobstructed views while maintaining a high level of safety for nearly any home. Whether you choose a frameless glass railing or framed glass railing, it is important to understand the safety requirements associated with them. When it comes to glass railing systems, the glass panels must meet a minimum thickness requirement to ensure durability and safety. To determine how thick glass railings should be, it is always best to read your local bylaws and safety regulations. This will ensure that you have the precise information you need for your home.

Glass Railing Thickness Requirements

In most cases, framed glass railings must be at least ¼” (6mm) thick, however, this standard can vary based on region and where the railing is located. For example, glass railing systems for stairs tend to have higher requirements. It should be noted that most glass-based systems are not designed for use on stairs. Any tempered glass railing system is required to resist certain load requirements.

At Vista Railing Systems, each of our framed and frameless glass systems feature durable tempered glass that meet these standards, ensuring compliance with all national building codes. This means that you are always getting a safe and high-visibility solution with every glass railing system.

Are Requirements Different for Framed or Frameless Systems?

Framed and frameless glass railing systems are visibly different in terms of appearance and they utilize different assembly processes. As the name implies, framed systems utilize a post on the sides, and rails on top and bottom of the glass panel to frame it. Frameless systems, on the other hand, only utilize posts between each glass panel.

To learn more about framed and frameless glass railing systems, reach out to our team today by phone, text (1-800-667-8247) or through our online contact form. The experts at Vista Railing Systems will work with you to determine the optimal solution for your needs and safety requirements.