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Cost Differences Between Aluminum Railing Types

Aluminum Railings | July 30, 2020

When it comes to choosing an affordable railing for your deck, aluminum tends to be the most cost-effective option; however, there are a variety of different aluminum railing types to choose from and not all of them fall into the same price category. Taking the time to talk to a railing expert like the ones from Vista Railings will provide you with a greater depth of information about the cost differences between aluminum railing types and which option will work best with your budgetary requirements.

Types of Aluminum Railings

While all aluminum railings are cost-effective solutions when compared to other types of deck railing materials, especially in the long run, not all aluminum railings fall within the same price range. The main categories of aluminum deck railings and how they compare in terms of costs are as follows:

Aluminum Picket Railings

Aluminum picket railings tend to be the most affordable type of aluminum deck railing. This is primarily because pickets are less costly than glass panels and are designed to be incredibly easy to install. Aluminum picket railings are also made entirely from aluminum, which is an extremely durable material that requires very little maintenance to keep in pristine condition, leading to fewer maintenance costs in the future.

Aluminum Glass Railings

Depending on the type of glass system you choose (framed or frameless), the cost of aluminum glass railing systems can vary greatly. Framed glass panels are often available in standard sizes and are typically a lower cost than frameless glass railings which require a much thicker, more expensive glass (typically is custom sizes), as a result of having no top or bottom rails. While a glass railing is not complex to install, you may choose to hire a professional to install them for you rather than trying to handle and install the glass panels yourself. This can result in additional costs unless the company that you purchase the railings from includes installation in their overall prices.

Aluminum Cable Railings

Aluminum cable railings are the most expensive system with pricing varying greatly based on the number of stops, starts or changes in direction of your aluminum cable railing. At every stop, start, or change in direction, a heavy-duty post and stainless-steel hardware (for the cable wire) is required. The cable hardware used in cable railings is made from marine grade stainless steel, which is more money than railings made from all aluminum materials. The posts that fit the hardware are made with heavy-duty material to hold the greater tension of the cable wire.

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