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Are Glass Railing Systems Safe?

Glass Railings | May 24, 2022

When it comes to frameless and framed glass railing systems, many homeowners worry about their durability and overall safety. As a leading provider of high-quality aluminum, cable, and glass railing systems, the team at Vista Railing Systems knows that glass railings are safe for most decks and patios. That is why we have compiled some information on the qualities of glass railing systems to dispel any misconceptions regarding their durability and demonstrate how safe they are.

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4 Reasons Why Glass Railing Systems Are Safe

When installed correctly, glass railings systems are an extremely safe addition to any home. A quality glass railing system will offer the following benefits to ensure lasting safety for your deck:

1. High-Quality Tempered Glass

While glass is often regarded as a fragile material, this is not the case with engineered glass railing systems. To ensure that glass railings are as safe as possible, they are made from thick tempered safety glass which has been heat treated to increase its surface strength. Tempered glass is roughly four times stronger than normal glass and is designed so that it will not shatter into sharp shards in the rare event that it does break. This makes it highly resistant to impacts and weather-based wear, making it a safe choice for nearly any outdoor environment.

2. Free of Small Spaces and Difficult to Climb

Other types of railing systems typically feature multiple openings, posing a hazard for animals and young children. Glass railings do not have any openings that are large enough for children or pets to squeeze through. Children will also be unable to climb glass railings as there are no potential footholds for them to use, further increasing safety.

3. Immune to Rot and Decay

One of the biggest benefits of glass railings is that they will not rot or decay over time because they are made entirely of glass and metal components. This durability is further enhanced if the metal components are aluminum with a powder-coated finish as this will minimize weather wear and maintenance requirements. With proper maintenance and cleaning, glass railings will maintain the same level of strength and integrity that they had when they were first installed.

4. Constructed with High-Quality Metal Components

A high-quality glass railing system will have factory-attached sleeved brackets to reduce installation time and include durable metal fasteners to enhance the stability and security of the system. Low-quality systems will feature a blank post and post bracket that needs to be attached before you secure the railings, increasing installation time and potentially reducing stability. Glass railings, like all guardrails, are securely mounted to the substructure of a deck allowing for a variety of different surfaces including hardwood, composite, concrete, and other materials. This provides a safe and stable space for years of enjoyment.

To learn more about glass railing maintenance or for assistance choosing the perfect product for your needs, get in touch with the experts at Vista Railing Systems. We can be reached by call or text at 1-800-667-8247 and will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our products.