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Advantages of Picket Railings

Aluminum Railings | November 30, 2023
advantages of picket railing

At Vista Railings, we know that picket railings represent a timeless design and a welcoming addition to any house, as they integrate safety, style, and durability. If you are thinking about purchasing new deck railings but are not sure if picket railings are the right choice for your home, here are just some of the numerous advantages of picket railings versus other railing systems.

1. Enhanced Safety

The thinly spaced bars provide a sturdy barrier which minimizes the risk of accidents, making them an ideal choice for families with small children and pets. Engineered to meet stringent safety standards, Vista Railings’ picket railings offer peace of mind and enhanced safety.

2. Aesthetic Versatility

Picket railings are celebrated for their classic design that effortlessly aligns with a multitude of architectural styles. Whether your home embodies a contemporary, traditional, or transitional aesthetic, picket railings enhance the visual appeal, offering an elegant finishing touch. With Vista Railings’ custom options, homeowners can select from a diverse palette of colours, styles, and finishes, ensuring perfect harmony with the existing architectural nuances.

3. Low Maintenance

Aluminum picket railings are the epitome of durability and require minimal maintenance. Resistant to rust, corrosion, and the harsh whims of weather, they retain their pristine appearance through the seasons. Similar to glass railing maintenance, a simple routine of occasional cleaning is all it takes to keep the railings looking as elegant as the day they were installed.

4. Easy Installation

We offer aluminum railing kits that are meticulously designed for easy assembly. Every component is engineered for a seamless fit, ensuring a hassle-free installation process. For those seeking a touch of personalization, our custom railings promise a tailor-made solution, ensuring every inch of your outdoor space is a reflection of your distinct taste and preference.

5. Affordability

Picket railings offer a cost-effective solution for homeowners seeking quality without a hefty price tag. With the impeccable blend of durability, style, and low maintenance, picket railings prove to be a worthwhile investment. You can enjoy the luxurious form and function without stretching your budget.

If you have questions or concerns about whether picket railings are the right choice for your needs, we are available by phone, email, and text at +1 800 667-8247.