Wood Railing Species

Your Railing, Your Choice

Western Red Cedar

(Ultra Premium Clear)

We start with the best western red cedar grown on the West Coast. Certified from well managed, sustained forest lands only, select only premium fiber, kiln dry it, cut it, mold it, turn it, sand it and grade it every step of the process to ensure we bring to you the finest ultra-premium grade western red cedar components in the industry. Ultra Premium Clear Western Red Cedar is only manufactured by Vista Railing Systems. Ask your Dealer for more information.

This premium, fine-grain fiber is sought the world over for its attractive appearance and natural resistance to decay, fungal attack and pest infestation. Western Red Cedar provides a natural alternative to chemical treatment with a depth of texture and colour that cannot be duplicated. Western Red Cedar stains or paints beautifully and is an excellent choice for your deck or porch.

Treated Pine

ACQ Treated Western lodgepole pine is a slow-growing and fine-grained fiber, so it is less likely to warp, bow or twist. Vista Railing Systems only utilizes the highest grade of western lodgepole pine produced and kiln dries this fiber prior to machining to produce a clean, smooth product.