Who We Are

At Vista™, we believe our railings create amazing spaces that inspire people to connect. Whether it is a
backyard get together with friends, just the two of you sipping on a fresh cup of coffee on an early
morning, or a birthday party for your children, our railings create the perfect space. Through design forward thinking that embraces simplicity, our stylish railings can be enjoyed with every home.

We live everyday through our core values of safety, trust, integrity, respect and fairness and we are
driven by our can-do attitude.

Our roots run deep…over four decades as an industry leader…yet we remain nimble on our feet,
innovating, continually growing, continually learning and improving. From our origins in 1974 when
wood was the raw material of choice, we were the first railing manufacturer in North America to be
environmentally certified with the Forest Stewardship Council. As we have grown, evolved and
innovated to provide our customers with the best railing solutions in the industry, we have also
continued our commitment to environmental stewardship, with not only environmentally certified
materials, but with re-cycling programs set up throughout our facility.

We design, engineer, test and manufacture, premium quality railings in aluminum, glass, mixed
materials, and wood…all through the lens of style and simplicity. Yet we are more than our amazing
products…we are the sum of our people. The best in the industry…passionate, innovative, creative
problem solving, driven professionals, with a can-do attitude.

How do we describe our culture…we are customer focused, dedicated to continuous improvement;
we have a sense of urgency; we are professional; we embrace change and maintain a sense of fun…if
you want amazing…try our railings.